Our mission is to provide 100% organic milk to the maximum number of households at an affordable price without any adulteration. We want our customers to get complete health benefits of organic milk that comes from healthy cows reared with special care and love.

Who we are

We are a unique and emerging firm in the dairy industry with the sole aim of making organic milk available to all customers without any adulteration. We use our utmost knowledge and expertise in building intricate supply chains to make milk available to your homes at the right time at your convenience.

Why Us

We have been distributing quality organic milk in chennai without any adulteration in hygienic manner from our farm, where cows have been raised and maintained healthily. With many years of experience, we are well versed in animal husbandry and care. We take good care of the cows with organic food, good shelter, and proper vaccination. Here are some of the other reasons why you should be approaching us.

Our cows are fed with nutrition-rich fodder that contains all the essential nourishment required for them.

We ensure unparalleled health of the entire herd through a scheduled examination by a certified veterinarian.

We let our cows to graze in the open air, so that they reap the natural benefits of sunlight and obtain nutrients from natural grass.

We ensure that there are no additives in the milk that we supply to you.

We provide only the fresh cow milk in chennai that has higher nutritional benefits.

We follow a strict procurement and packaging process and ensure that the purity of the milk is always preserved.

In particular, our cows are milked naturally without synthetic hormones, pesticides, and other toxic components.


Why Do You Need To Prefer Organic Milk?

Milk is one of the most essential and important parts of our daily diet. It is a nutrition-rich liquid food that is essential for the health of everyone, from children to adults. Also, milk is an excellent solution for calcium and protein deficiency. But organic milk has many more health benefits than regular milk. Organic milk is high in omega-3 fatty acids, and the presence of iron and vitamin E is pretty high compared to regular milk. which is essential for overall cardio-vascular health.

Our Explicit Care For The Cows

Our cows are provided with proper food, medicine, and water.. We ensure that the food they have contains sufficient proportion of calcium, phosphorus, protein, and other essential nutrients which helps to produce high-quality milk and keep them in good health.


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