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Why & What is Real Cow Milk

GhoMoo is an emerging milk brand with the objective of providing nourishment to everyone's family by supplying organic milk in chennai. We strive to improve the earning capacity of organic farmers and try to enhance their livelihood. We take all the efforts to deliver pure cow milk in chennai because we believe in creating a healthy lifestyle for our customers. It is our driving force to work for the better living of our future generation by giving organic milk at an affordable rate.

You may wonder what makes the milk you drink organic. In simple terms, 'Organic' refers to the absence of any artificial flavors, preservatives, or any other additions to your food product that make it less natural. But, when you buy organic cow milk chennai, it is 100% safe and healthy for your well-being.

The meaning of 'Organic' is not only limited to the quality of milk alone. It also depends on the nature of the cow which provides the milk.

So, what goes into raising our cattle to produce you the best fresh cow milk in chennai?

GhoMoo ensures all the cows feed on natural fodder that is not grown using pesticides and chemicals. Thus, the food that the cow eats every day is healthy in itself. The cattle are provided with the access to graze freely in a protected environment within our farm. It provides a stress-free environment to the cows that make them happy. This state of mind helps the cows to lactate nourishing milk. The milking process begins only after the Mother cow has fed her calf. Only the milk that remains after the feeding is used for human consumption.

Most important of all, the cow is not catered to any supplements to boost milk production.

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Organic Fodder to the cows

Cows will be feeded with Organic Fodder which are free of any pesticides and chemicals and using clean water without using sewage water.

We believe in the fact that only when we sow high quality can we harvest bountiful returns. Since the food that we feed to the cow is natural, the milk that is produced is also free of any kind of adulteration. This keeps the milk fresh and healthy. Thus, we are able to deliver the best organic milk in Chennai.

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Grazed under sunlight

Similar to humans, cows also require sunlight. Grazing under the sunlight makes the cow feel good and stress free.

The cows graze our farmland with no restrictions under our love and care. We provide everything for them within our farms This is so beneficial for the cows as they get essential nutrients from the sunlight that keeps them healthy and strong. It enables the natural production of fresh cow milk that we sell in Chennai.

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Stress Free Envionment

Cows would be provided with stress free environment which will make them live and feel happy.

The cows are treated with kindness on our farms. We have so much respect for them. Therefore, we foster all the cows with care and provide everything for them to have a pleasant environment on our farms. This keeps all the cows at ease and helps us in producing nourishing cow milk for people in Chennai.

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Cows will feed their Calfs first

As per the natural law, cows will be allowed to feed their calfs and then if further milk is available the same will be milked for human consumption

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No Hormone supplements

No Hormone supplements will be given to the cows for faster growth or additional milking.

Our certified farmers follow strict guidelines to enable the natural production of the milk without any artificial enhancements. Therefore, our cow milk Chennai is very healthy and hygienic to drink

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No Adulteration Promise

The farmers or the farm should be aware that milk should not be adulterated to have healthy future generation

Why GhoMoo

GhoMoo procures the milk from its farm and also from other farmers who are trained by us to meet our quality standards. By following these kinds of standard procedures and precautions we deliver the best cow milk in chennai. The farmers must practice our strict guidelines for producing organic milk, and we strongly refrain from accepting milk that fails to meet our principles. It ensures that our milk conforms to the same quality standards. Our certified farmers know what it takes to produce farm-fresh milk by treating the cows in the manner specified by GhoMoo.

Regular health check-ups from doctors ensure the long-term well-being of the cattle. The farmers get proper guidance on fodder and general care for their cows. GhoMoo farmers follow utmost cleanliness throughout the milking process to maintain hygiene.

Another reason to buy our milk is the cost at which we provide it. Since our driving force is to create widespread awareness of the benefits of Organic Milk, our 1 litre cow milk price in Chennai is very affordable to all families.

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GhoMoos trained farmer

Milk will be availed from GhoMoo’s own farm and also from the professionally trained GhoMoo’s farmers. The farmers will be aware of the values of GhoMoo and Organic milk.

Certified Farmers
Certified Farmers

Milk will only be procured from GhoMoo Certified farmers who are aware of GhoMoo’s values and not from any other farmers.

Free Grazing
Free Grazing

GhoMoos farmer are aware about the importance of free grazing for cows and providing stress free environment for cows and they will allow and encourage the cows to graze freely and happily

Organic Fodder
Organic Fodder

Our farmer grow Organic fodder to feed the cows. The Fodder varieties would be such as Super Napier, CO-4, Soundal, Veli Masal will be grown by them.

Periodic health-check
Periodic health-check

GhoMoo’s Designated doctor will be checking the ensuring that the cows are in good health and also provide the required advice to the farmers in terms of fodder and care for cows

Milked very Hygenically
Milked very Hygenically

GhoMoo farmers milk the cows very hygienically after washing their hands with anti-bacterial soap and use cleanly washed utensils.

Have you ever tasted Real Cow Milk?


Our Daily Routine

GhoMoo always aspires to be one of the best organic milk suppliers in chennai. The process begins with the collection of the milk for the day from the certified GhoMoo farmers. It enhances the financial well-being of the farmers and keeps our cow milk rate affordable. Our 1 litre cow milk price in chennai is comparatively lower than other brands but with better quality which makes it very much affordable for the households.

We make it a duty to double-check the milk quality and take it further only when it is free from any impurities or adulteration. Then, the milk is cooled down to four degrees. Our staff packs the milk into food-grade packets while maintaining high standards of cleanliness and hygiene for efficient cow milk delivery. All the milk is then transported to a central hub in cold-chain vans where sorting happens for customer delivery.

All our consistent efforts have earned us the reputation of being one of the best fresh cow milk suppliers in Chennai who deliver organic milk at your doorstep.

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Milk is being collected from GhoMoo Authenticated farmer's

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To double sure that milk does not contain any adulteration or impurities, milk is being tested.

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Milk is being chilled to 4 Degree Celcius

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Milk is being delivered at your door steps by GhoMoo's designated delivery staff.

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cow milk delivery chennai organic milk suppliers in chennai


Milk is being transported to chennai in a cold chain vehicle to avoid loss of chilling

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best cow milk in chennai


Milk is being packed in food grade packets in very hygenic manner

What Our Customer Says


The milk milked from Healthy Cow which grazed under the Sun, which is fed by healthy organic fodder and did not Provided/fed/injected by hormones/antibiotics for more milk production. Moreover, the Milk should not be adulterated/added with any preservative. The milk produced in this way is Organic in nature and we call it Organic Milk.

We are here to provide our customers a true adulteration free organic milk without any addition or removal from milk as it is milked from the cow. If you are the one who is looking for the real organic milk, we are for you.

If you are the one who is looking for very thick milk, which are processed and thickened by external means of adulteration, we are sorry to say that, we are not the one for you. We are the one who can and wish to provide you with Farm Fresh Milk Chennai as it is milked from the cow originally and organically.

Only when the milk is processed, we can bring multiple varieties such as Full Cream, Standardized, Slim milk etc. We do not process the milk and hence we do not have different varieties. Simply saying GhoMoo is Just organic Milk. This absence of additional processing helps to keep our costs low. Therefore, it greatly benefits our customers since our cow milk rate in Chennai is very economical when compared to other milk brands that have done a great deal of processing to bring the output.

The cows are provided with clean water, clean and hygienic environment, allowed to graze under the sun, provided with organic green fodder

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