Order GhoMoo's Free Cow Milk Sample To Taste in Chennai

Why Ghomoo

Indulge in the Richness of GhoMoo's Real Cow Milk, Lovingly Nurtured by Healthy and Happy Cows, and Delivered with Utmost Care.

Experience the Authentic Taste of GhoMoo Farm Fresh Cow Milk with our Sample.

At GhoMoo, we don't just deliver milk; we bring you fresh, organically grown greens, vegetables and Fibre-Rich Idly/Dosa batter, right alongside your milk delivery in Chennai.

"Order Your Sample Cow Milk to Taste"

Get 500ml for Rs.33 Only

Get 1kg for Rs.65 Only

Our Sample are not free. You can pay our delivery person in cash at the time of Sample delivery.

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