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Benefits of Farm fresh Milk over Processed Milk

January 12, 2022 | Organic
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GhoMoo has been supplying the highest quality organic milk in Chennai to many families across the city. The main objective of our company is to share the richness and nutritious value of the farm fresh milk to our customers. In recent times, there has been a major shift as more people are switching to fresh milk rather than processed milk.

But, what are the benefits of farm fresh milk over processed milk? Why is the former preferred over the latter. This blog post will explore the reasons for the same.

1 – Processed Milk takes time
Other milk companies would have to collect milk from the farmers at their collection station, transfer it to the processing center, and once it has been processed, only then their suppliers would begin the delivery to the end consumer. This supply chain takes a lot of time and therefore, decreases the quality of the milk since the shelf life of the milk is only two days. It is even lower for those that are unprocessed.

But, GhoMoo ensures that every customer gets fresh milk because we deliver it to you on the same day. We collect the milk from our certified farmers and check for its purity before packing it for delivery. Because of the absence of any processing, we are able to cater to your needs within the same day. Another benefit is that the nutrition in the milk is untouched.

2 – Animal Welfare
The health of the cow and the quality of the feed directly determines the standard of the milk.
There are no antibiotics or hormone supplements for the cow. Therefore, we can supply fresh cow milk in Chennai without compromising its quality. These are the two main benefits that you derive out of fresh cow milk. Order your healthy cup of milk today from GhoMoo!


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