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Sprouts – It’s a Nile of Enzymes and Essential Fatty Acids

March 1, 2023 | Uncategorized
Sprouts - It's a Nile of Enzymes and Essential Fatty Acids

Various research and experiments have proved beyond the fact that sprouts constitute an essential part of the human diet. Did you know that during World War II, there was a meat shortage, and the officials asked the people to consume germinated seeds as the best alternative to meat nutrients? So, it is undeniable that the protein we get in meat is equal to the protein present in the sprouts and helps in building bones, tissues, blood, and nerves. Ghomoo, the best organic vegetables suppliers in Chennai, also provides organic sprouts to boost wellness. Therefore, this blog discusses the health benefits of sprouts, which are the Nile of enzymes and essential fatty acids.

Sprouts – Nile Of Enzymes:

Enzymes play a vital role in digestion. The digestive enzymes help assimilate the proteins and carbohydrates our body consumes through food. Many researchers have found that to have good health, one should consume high-enzyme foods. Isn’t the enzymes produced by our body not enough? It is because every human has a limited capacity to produce enzymes, and this ability declines as you age. In some cases, the enzyme-producing activity decreases, making the human body get this supplement from all other foods.

Insufficient enzymes make your body undergo tremendous changes by squandering your digestive system to create digestive enzymes, consequently affecting your ageing process. Thus, the best way to get the enzymes is to consume sprouted and germinated foods like beans and grains. The seeds take around four to five days to get sprouted, and the enzyme activity is at its peak, but the seeds are still grown. After the fifth day, the sprouting activity stops, and the seeds grow longer like any other vegetable. Many are unaware of this, so consuming the sprouts for the first four days is crucial.

Hence, availing high-enzyme foods like sprouts and spinach from the best supplier of organic vegetables in Chennai, like Ghomoo, will help get the nutritional supplements effectively.

Sprouts – Source Of Fatty Acids:

Sprouts are a good source of various nutrients, including fatty acids. Fatty acids are essential to our diet and are necessary for many bodily functions, including energy production, hormone synthesis, and cell membrane structure. Sprouts are also a great source of folate and suitable for pregnant women. These help in brain development and getting the appropriate nutrients for the fetus. 

Sprouts contain saturated and unsaturated fatty acids, including omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. The specific types and amounts of fatty acids in sprouts can vary depending on the type of sprout.

For example, Broccoli sprouts are also a good source of alpha-linolenic acid (ALA) and linoleic acid (LA), which is the omega-6 fatty acid.

Overall, incorporating sprouts into your diet can provide a range of health benefits, including a good source of essential fatty acids and generating digestive enzymes. Sprouts should be integral to your diet to maximize enzyme activity and fatty acids. However, it’s crucial to purchase sprouts from a reputable source like Ghomoo, one of the best A2 milk suppliers in Chennai, who also provide organic sprouts


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