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Importance Of Ghee For Your Child

December 27, 2022 | Organic

In a country like India, ghee is introduced to children at a very young age. Ghee is a clarified fat-rich food product obtained from the milk given to babies and toddlers, especially to gain weight and develop their cognitive skills. Hence, this milk product is not only known for its medical and culinary uses, but many researchers say that it also provides enormous benefits for the child’s health. Thus, Ghomoo’s pure ghee Chennai is the right choice for your child’s health as we obtain this milk product from organic milk to ensure your child receives all the essential nutrients for their body.

Energy Source:

Ghee is a condensed energy source as it contains an endless composition of minerals and vitamins. The ingredients in the ghee are calcium, phosphorus, Potassium, Sodium, Choline, Vitamin A, Vitamin K, saturated, Cholesterol, monounsaturated, and polyunsaturated fatty acids. Thus, a single tablespoon of ghee offers the toddlers 112 Kcal of energy. Hence, it can be said that ghee is the powerhouse of energy. 

Some say ghee causes indigestion in babies and toddlers, but it is a myth. The preparation of ghee itself includes reducing casein and lactose in the milk, which makes it easier for the toddlers and babies to digest the same. However, some children might lack lactose intolerance, and ghee can also be an excellent option for them

Weight Gain:

Ghee is considered to be a great source of weight gain. Many researchers have found that ghee and meat products contain an enormous amount of Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA). Studies also found that regular ghee intake in babies and toddlers can improve bone weight by reducing the adipose mass in the body. Hence, it implies that taking ghee regularly in a controlled portion helps the child to gain weight in a healthy way. 

Highly-Condensed Nutrition:

Similar to weight gain, the regular intake of A2 ghee Chennai provides a balanced diet for the children as it provides a considerable amount of fat-soluble vitamins, such as vitamins D, E, A, and K. Ghee also provides fatty acids of short and medium-chain making them edible for the toddlers and babies to consume. Hence, it helps the child to maintain a proper digestive system as these fatty acids break down quickly. 


Organic ghee in Chennai for suppliers like Ghomoo helps in increasing the immunity in the children. Studies say that organic ghee is more highly composed of immunomodulatory properties than conventionally produced ones. Organic ghee proposes more sphingolipids, one form of lipids that plays a crucial role in supporting immunity by assisting the gut during maturation. These also play an essential role in cognitive and brain development as they contain lipids and nutrients that help the DNA system.

Hence, consuming ghee in babies and toddlers supports their entire system explicitly in their growth. So, to give your kids a pure and natural form of ghee, approach Ghomoo, the A2 milk suppliers in Chennai who obtains their milk product from only organic milk.


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