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GhoMoo Keeps Your Child’s Health in Mind

January 18, 2023 | Uncategorized
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Our young children require vitamins and minerals to develop strong bones. Ghomoo sells organic cow milk in Chennai that is free from adulteration and fortified with calcium and vitamin D. Milk is a common nutritional drink consumed all around the world. Particularly, we Indians cannot survive without our beloved cow’s milk; it is an essential component of our daily diet. Cow milk has a great taste and is filled with healthy nutrients, serving as both a daily supply of good health and the ideal ingredient for many sweet and savoury treats. Cow milk, which has countless health advantages, is the ideal substitute for a complete meal. Although many packeted milk brands are available, let us look at what makes Ghomoo unique and different from the other brands.

What Makes Ghomoo Unique From Others?

Organic And Fresh Milk

We have been supplying the best organic milk in Chennai in a hygienic way without any adulteration from our farm, where cows have been grown and maintained healthily. We are skilled in caring for and managing animals with our many years of experience. We provide the cows with an organic diet, a comfortable environment, and the necessary vaccinations. 

Healthy And Hygienic Environments

Since organic cows are healthier and happier, their milk is more nutrient-rich and newborns and children are healthier as a result. To ensure that your bottle of organic milk is produced without the use of antibiotics or hormones and provides a range of nutrients, our organic cows are grown in humane conditions and fed nutritious diets. Our farmers milk the cows in a sanitary manner after cleaning their hands with antibacterial soap and using sterile utensils.

No Adulterations

Antibiotics, artificial growth hormones, and questionable pesticides are absent in our organic milk. We only offer the organic form without any mixing of adulterations and flavour enhancements. Strict rules are followed by our accredited farmers to allow for the milk’s natural production without the use of artificial additives. As a result, we produce the best cow ghee in Chennai, along with other organic dairy products such as curd and paneer, which are incredibly healthy and packed with nutrients.


High In Vitamins And Calcium

Our cow milk is high in B vitamins, which help the brain, nervous system, and sleep cycles to function properly. We strive to produce milk with low fatty acid concentrations to provide the best organic milk that inhibits foreign contaminants. Along with proteins, cow’s milk is also a good source of potassium and calcium, which are essential for maintaining healthy bones. Since milk can help you maintain your strength as you age and as your bone mineral density rises, cow’s milk is highly beneficial for children and adults too.

Enhances Overall Development

A child’s physical growth is a crucial sign of their general health. It is true that kids who drink cow’s milk get taller is true. It was observed that children aged 2 to 6 who drank cow’s milk grew taller than those who drank plant-based or other animal-milk alternatives. Hence, we at Ghomoo offer organic milk which has all the essential healthy elements. We also ensure the same nutritional value in our paneer, curd and pure ghee chennai for a delicious and healthy meal.


Our goal is to supply unadulterated, 100% organic milk to as many households as possible at a reasonable cost. We want our consumers to fully enjoy the benefits of natural and organic milk, which comes from cows who have been raised with love and special care. Ghomoo products are high in vitamins, calcium, and vital carbohydrates that ensure the health and growth of children.


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