How GhoMoo delivers your milk?

January 12, 2022 | Organic

Most of us would have a shared memory of our milkman arriving at the doorstep early in the morning. The clink of the milk bottle and the milkman’s voice would nudge us from our sleep. As time passed, the technology and the method of delivery have seen a drastic change. Many fresh cow milk suppliers in Chennai now use modern methods to bring nutritious milk to your home. So, this blog will show how GhoMoo delivers your milk.

The rise in digital technology
The supply chain of milk has been benefited from the introduction of digital technology. Before this, it was quite difficult for families to find organic milk suppliers who can provide consistent delivery at their doorstep. The modern system has simplified the way of life for every individual.

GhoMoo has a mobile app for milk delivery that gives you convenience and saves a lot of time. We have embraced such systems to deliver farm-fresh milk for people in Chennai.

GhoMoo’s delivery process
There are a lot of elements that we put together to deliver organic milk early in the morning. Our supply chain is very reliable and quick. So, this blog outlines all the processes and quality standards that we follow to bring your bottle of milk every day.

1 – Milk Collection
The first step that we do to supply farm fresh milk Chennai is to collect it from GhoMoo’s trusted network of farmers. We work with traditional farmers who know what it takes to produce organic milk. Our team constantly reviews their practices and ensures they maintain their cows as hygienically as possible.

We have certain guidelines about feeding the cows and their maintenance. GhoMoo partners only with those who adhere to these norms. Therefore, we can guarantee the purity and freshness of our milk.

2 – Lab Testing
Once we receive the milk at our collection center, the milk goes through a testing phase to make sure that the product is clean. This process assures that our milk is free from adulteration.

3 – Cooling the milk
After the milk is passed on from the lab, we cool it down to 4 ℃. This chilling process preserves the natural taste. In this way, GhoMoo ensures our customers get to taste the richness of the milk without adding any preservatives or flavors.

4 – Hygienic Packaging
The final step before we transport the milk is packing. Our staff takes extensive safety measures while filling the food-grade milk packets. Throughout the process, GhoMoo follows strict hygiene standards. So, we guarantee that our product is very safe and nutritious to consume.

5 – Transportation
We transport it to different parts of Chennai through cold-chain trucks to keep the milk chilled throughout the transit. This will reach our delivery team who then segregates the quantities based on the orders received.

6 – Doorstep delivery
All those customers who subscribed to our fresh milk app get punctual early morning delivery at their doorstep.

This is how GhoMoo brings organic milk to all families across Chennai. We aim to make our product affordable to everyone. That is the reason why our pure cow milk rate in Chennai is very economical.

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