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What quality standards do our GhoMoo certified farmers follow?

August 28, 2021 | Organic
hygenic milk in chennai

GhoMoo strives to supply every family with a nutritious glass of pure organic milk every day. To bring those quality standards into our production, GhoMoo’s certified farmers follow certain guidelines. It helps us supply 100% organic milk in Chennai. In this post, we will share the practices of our farmers in milk production. It will highlight the importance of natural farming methods and processes that are friendly to the environment. Therefore, our certified farmers not only produce organic milk but also protect the ecosystem.

What goes into producing GhoMoo’s Organic Milk?
Various elements come together in an organic farming method. Only when everything is done in the right way—we achieve the desired outcome. Here are some practices that our certified farmers follow:

The cows need to get enough free space to graze on the pasture. Throughout the season when the farm is abundant with cattle feed, the farmers ensure that the cows receive a substantial amount of time to graze under supervision. This practice allows the cattle to receive sunlight, which is a good source of nutrition.

Living conditions
The cattle must have a stress-free environment and be allowed to socialize normally without any restriction. The stalls have adequate space and ventilation for the cow with access to the outside. Our certified farmers also maintain high standards of cleanliness in the cowshed. Therefore, all these efforts keep the cattle happy with no stress.

Fodder for the cows
Organic farming practices emphasize the use of natural methods than artificial methods. Hence, the cows feed on organic fodder that is not grown with any chemicals. Therefore, the cattle obtain 100% healthy food which keeps them fit.

GhoMoo’s certified doctors conduct regular health checkups for the cows to ensure their well-being. The doctors advise the farmers on fodder and provide dietary tips for the cows.

By following these practices, our farmers can acquire fresh organic milk from the cows. This commitment of the organic farmers helps us in supplying quality milk for the people and keeps GhoMoo’s cow milk rate in Chennai at an economical level.


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