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Nutrition For Kids

June 13, 2023 | Organic
Nutrition For Kids

As a parent, one of the top priorities is ensuring that your child gets a sufficient quantity of nutrition for their well-being and overall physical development. Nutrition is one of the crucial factors in growing children and providing them with a well-balanced and nutritious meal is the foundation for their growth. However, there is great demand in suppliers for organic vegetables in Chennai as people have begun to realize the importance of health especially after the pandemic. Hence, in this blog, we will look into the essential nutrients that are needed for kids in the primary growth phase.

Essential Nutrients:


One of the most crucial yet essential nutrients is protein. These play a crucial role in the child’s development to support the child’s psychological functions. Not only that, these are building blocks of growth, and help in the repair and maintenance of the body tissues. These proteins are rich in poultry, lean meats, fish, legumes, eggs, and dairy products. 

However, for complete nutrition buying organic is a great choice. Ghomoo the best supplier of all organic vegetables, fruits, and dairy products such as paneer, curd, ghee, and fresh cow milk Chennai. Thus, these protein-rich food products help in promoting rapid development and growth. It also helps the children in developing new tissues, including bones, muscles, skin, and organs.

Calcium & Vitamin D:

Another essential nutrient that plays a critical role in the child’s development is calcium and vitamin D. These are rich in dairy and plant-based products which help in developing stronger bones and teeth.

Including organic and fresh paneer in Chennai from Ghomoo is the best option as kids will surely love its flavor and provide essential nutrients in them. 


The colorful fruits and vegetables not only offer a myriad of vitamins, minerals, fiber, but also plenty of antioxidants. It is ideal to choose organic ones over the ones that are in the supermarket as your kids can get enough supplements of antioxidants. Hence, encourage your children to try different varieties to ensure a diverse nutrient intake.


Tips For Encouraging Healthy Eating Habits:

Set An Example: 

Children are more likely to adopt healthy eating habits when they observe their parents practicing them consistently. Be a role-model by incorporating nutritious foods into your own meals.

Make It Fun And Engaging: 

Involve children in meal planning, grocery shopping, and food preparation. Create colorful and visually appealing plates to make mealtimes enjoyable.

Snack Smartly: 

Provide nutrient-rich snacks like fresh fruits, yogurt, nuts, or homemade granola bars. Limit processed snacks that offer little nutritional value.

Family Mealtime Rituals: 

Eating together encourages healthy eating habits

Education And Involvement: 

Teach children about the benefits of different foods, where they come from, and how they support their bodies. Consider starting a small vegetable garden or involving them in age-appropriate cooking activities.

Hence, by now you would have understood the importance of the essential nutrients, its importance, and how to incorporate it in your kids diet. Ghomoo is the ideal place when it comes to health as they are the best supplier of organic milk, fruits, vegetable, dairy products, and pure ghee in Chennai.


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