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How GhoMoo supports farmers & families?

February 1, 2022 | Organic
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GhoMoo is among the most trusted organic milk suppliers in Chennai. It has earned a distinctive brand name through its dedicated supply of organic cow milk in the city. We have always put our values first and ensure that we keep our standards high every step of the way. We are determined to make our surroundings better as we grow into a household name. This blog will show how GhoMoo supports farmers and families through our operation.

What motivates us?
Our farmers and the people of the city are the driving force behind GhoMoo. We work to benefit both of these two important stakeholders of our brand. Let us give you a vivid picture of how we ensure sustainable income for organic farmers and provide nutritious organic milk in Chennai for all families.

Enriching Farmers’ lifestyle
Milk is an integral part of an Indian household. Not a day starts without having a glass of fresh cow milk brought to the doorstep by a milk supplier. There are many things at play in getting the milk from the farm to the customer.

It all starts with the farmers who produce the milk in the first place.

Network of GhoMoo’s certified farmers
Generally, organic farmers own a plot of land and a few indigenous cows. Since the dawn of many companies that produce conventional milk in high-tech factories, these small farmers feel it challenging to compete. They are unable to meet the demands of large-scale production.

Not one but thousands of such farmers are scattered all over the state. Organic farming requires proper guidance and financial support. So, GhoMoo works with the farmers who are well-taught in organic farming methods.

We give them the title of GhoMoo certified farmers and encourage them to follow the organic milk production and strive to achieve quality with each passing day.

Enhancing the livelihood of the farmers
GhoMoo enables the organic farmers to live with honor and provide a decent livelihood. We give them the benefit of having a sustainable market to sell their milk at a reasonable price. Therefore, they do not have to worry about placing their products on the market and other associated activities.

Improving the life of the common person
There is now a drastic shift in the mindset of the people. They want organic foods that are free from any impurity. Hence, there is a lot of demand for farm-fresh cow milk. GhoMoo aims to deliver nutritious milk to the people in the city. We want to share the benefits of drinking organic milk, and therefore, our cow milk rate in Chennai is very affordable for families.

With our reliable delivery network, we can bring the goodness of the milk to your doorstep. So, with each family that gets its everyday nourishment from GhoMoo, we move one step closer to creating a world of healthy people.

In this way, GhoMoo improves the lifestyle of the farmers who produce organic milk and the people who consume it.


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