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Organic Milk
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Hygienically Milked


The milk milked from Healthy Cow which grazes under the Sun, which was fed by healthy organic fodder and did not Provided/fed/injected by hormones/antibiotics for more milk production. Moreover the Milk should not be adulterated/added with any preservative. The Milk produced this way is Organic in nature, and we call it as Organic Milk.

We are here to provide our customers a true adulteration free organic milk without any addition or removal from milk as it is milked from the cow. If you are the one who is looking for the real organic milk, we are for you.

If you are the one who is looking for very thick milk, which are processed and thickened by external means of adulteration, we are sorry to say that, we are not the one for you. We are the one who can and wish to provide you the milk as it is milked from the cow originally and organically.

Only when the milk is processed, we can bring multiple varieties such as Full Cream, Standardized, Slim milk etc. We do not process the milk and hence we do not have different varieties. Simply saying GhoMoo is Just organic Milk.

The cows are provided with clean water, clean and hygienic environment, allowed to graze under the sun, provided with organic green fodder

Yes. We have our own farm which houses around 20 to 25 cows and their calves. We also have many farmers associated with us who are well trained about rearing the cows, organic practices of fodder development and hygienic factors. Apart from the milk produced from GhoMoo's farm, milk will be collected from GhoMoo Authenticated farmers only and not from any one else.

When we house 100's of cows, we have to depend upon the labours. Any labour will work for money for they will not have true love and care on the cow. On the other hand, when the cows are reared by the farmer, the cow will be one of their family member. Think about how much love and care provided to the cows.

More than 60% of the cows are Country Breed cows and rest of them are of Sindhu Varierty. We avoid foreign breeds such a Holstein Fresian and Jersey cows.

Our farmers are hand-picked who we work with them for a long number of years. We will associate the farmers with us, who understands our principles and respect the same. Also, the farmers are well educated on the Organic practice of cow rearing and organic fodder cultivation and on hygienic milking. They will be very closely monitored by the GhoMoo team.

We do fresh cow milk delivery in chennai from 5 to 7 AM

Yes. We will provide sample, before starting the subsription. One day of sample milk of 500 ml will be provided with no cost(Free)

The mode of payment is wallet model. You can load your wallet in multiple of 1000s. When your balance reaches to 100 rupees you will get the SMS notification for recharge. Milk will be delivered to you untill you have enough balance in your wallet.

No. There is not transaction charges. We are bearing the transaction charges, to avoid any unneccessary burden to our customers

Yes. Of course. If you want to stop the milk delivery for any reason, your money which is part of the wallet will be refunded wilthin 10 working days(maximum) from the date of cancellation of the subcription.

We use Food grade quality milk pouches that are harmless and are approved by government bodies for Milk packaging Moreover, Unless Glass bottles are not properly washed, they are not hygienic. And washing them properly is sometimes not practical. Also, glass bottles are not reusable once it is broken which leads to many risks for animals which the broken bottle reaches the water bodies.

500 ml - Rs. 35; 1 Litres - Rs. 70; 1.5 Litres - Rs.105; 2 Litres - Rs.140

Yes. You can pause the milk or make additional order or change your quantity through the website or mobile application.


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